Sunday, December 6, 2009


Thousands of Artists worked hard for months together to complete this holy idol, which is constructed in terracotta.

Thousands of different types of herbs were used in the thanthric construction of this idol, which is 52 feet tall.

The idol Lord Mraprabhu is the material embodiment of all the medicinal herbs all over the world. Lord Maraprabhu is the whole and complete symbol of the eternal potentialities of medicinal herbs. This idol, which is installed in the Sreevalsam of Guruvayoor devaswam, is one of the biggest terracotta idols in the world. The spiritual energy generated instantaneously at the sight of Lord Maraprbhu is capable of curing all ailments. Those who have found medicines ineffective even after years of treatment will be healed miraculously and will also gain Abheeshtasiddhi at the very sight of this wonderful idol.

This idol sculptured in the traditional terracotta style, is also a symbol of the bond between man and clay. This idol with its trunk sucking at the deeper most essence of the earth for sustenance, with the eyes of Sun sparkling into Eternity; with the crown overflowing with boughs charged with the herbal power will be a powerful antenna of the world. The grace that emanates from Lord Maraprabhu will harmonies the human mind and awaken his subconscious. The idol Lord Maraprabhu will spread happiness in the world till the end of time. Meditating Lord Maraprabhu, people can open up a new chapter in their life, with the blessings of Lord Sree Guruvayoorappan World Cosmic Power.

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